Art brought the three of us together and if it wasn’t for our art it is unlikely that our paths would have crossed. A close friendship soon developed as our creativity grew.

A Creative Friendship features the work of three of our regular artists, Fran Zukowski, Jill Sutton and Lindsay Blakeley.

Our styles and the way that we work are very different, impressionist/abstracts for Lindsay, ethereal dreamscapes for Fran and realism for Jill. We all work individually, however, through sharing our work as it progresses, we support and encourage each other. We are all inspired by the landscapes near to our homes and feel a close connection to the nature that surrounds us. With this exhibition we have all returned to the subjects that we most love to paint and that reflect the connection between the three of us and our individual passions.


“I am a local artist living in Aotea and love to work in oils and acrylics. As I work, I allow the painting to evolve and, as it forms, enhance and shape it until it is complete.
Lately I have been inspired by the forest walks that I have done. I love to paint figures full of movement and colour, allowing my imagination to create moments in time.”


“One of my happiest memories from childhood was staying with my grandparents for the weekend and catching the bus down to Brighton seafront. I was fascinated by the rows and rows of beach huts. When I moved to Wellington, I developed a similar fascination with the boatsheds near to my home, in particular those at Titahi Bay. Just as I had as a child, I wondered who were the people who used them and what was inside?

The structure of the boatsheds is always the same but they are constantly changing whether through a new coat of paint or by the effects of nature around them.

The majority of works for this exhibition are based on photographs taken on regular walks on Titahi Bay beach with Lindsay. She is quite used to me stopping to take a photo of whatever boatshed has piqued my interest or to chat to an owner. Just as the boatsheds change and evolve so has my work and with these paintings, I have brought my own version of reality to life.”


“For many years the changing colours and shapes of land and seascapes have been the inspiration and theme of my paintings. I live in Titahi Bay and my paintings are often an impression and abstraction of these local views.

These views of changing light, the movement, the moods and colours of the sea, with the contrast of the solid cliffs and rocks influence my work. I mainly paint with Acrylics and oil pastels. Using a palette knife I build the cliffs and rocks to give structure and form.

This Exhibition is not representative of particular views, but a collection of impressions of the Titahi Bay coast.”

A Creative Friendship will remain on display until Saturday 28 October.

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