Artist Events

From time to time, we are lucky enough to host wonderful artists in the gallery demonstrating their art. This is a unique opportunity to see an artist at work and ask them questions about their inspiration and techniques. Don’t be shy, our artists are a friendly group and love to chat! Join our community – subscribe to our newsletter (below) and we’ll keep you informed of upcoming events at the gallery.

Above: Lizzie Pannell joined us on several days during her Full Bloom exhibition. completing a beautiful new work which was eventually titled “Residence”.

Jewellers demonstration

Above left to right: Celia Murphy and Hana Makin demonstrating how they make their Sterling Silver and copper jewellery during the Wellington Shines exhibition. Botanical illustrator Sue Wickison working on a watercolour study of an olive plant during her Curious exhibition. Phillip Waddington has given several demonstrations at the gallery, wowing visitors with his amazing portraiture, including during his Influences exhibition.

In 2019 we held an event to celebrate some of the artists and artisans who are part of the gallery. Jewellers Jill Alexander and Guinevere Malpass (Florence Rose Jewellery); ceramicists Aimee McLeod, Beth Honore, Mariam Cogswell and Mike Cogswell; bronze artist Martyn Turner; watercolour artists Annette Straugheir and Sue Wickison; and woodcarver Frank Mitchell were present to chat with guests about their work.

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