Full Bloom: An Immersion of Floral Paintings by Lizzie Pannell

5 August – 2 September 2022

Full Bloom Exhibition on display in Studio Two

British born artist Lizzie Pannell has always painted landscapes. During the 2021 lockdown she became inspired by photographs of wild flowers her mother sent from her walks in the English countryside. Full Bloom represents a body of work that both celebrates the natural world around us as well as the blossoming of an emerging artist in the New Zealand art scene.

Be immersed in Lizzie’s florals and admire nature’s wild colour palette. Her intention for this show is to evoke feelings of joy, life and energy for the vibrancy of what surrounds us in nature, and then bringing it indoors. Many of these works were created during the hibernation of a country locked down, and are to be exhibited at a time of optimism and new opportunity.

Plus! Lizzie will be joining us regularly in the gallery to work on her latest piece. Taken the opportunity to see an artist at work.


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