Full Circle

Helen Mason Pottery

7 to 21 September 2019

Settled in post-war suburban Wellington, Helen Mason began her artistic journey in the early 1950s, by working with clay in the wash-house of her Khandallah home. This began a lifetime of creativity which took her around New Zealand, to Japan and to Fiji as she explored various combinations of earth, fire and water in her domestic and experimental clay-ware.

Helen died in 2014, a few months short of her 100th birthday. Since that time, members of her family have been reviewing her works held by public and community institutions and in their own personal collections. Now they have decided to make a selection of Helen Mason pots, particularly her later work, available for exhibition and sale.

Mitchell Studios, located just down the road from the Masons’ 1950s Everest Street home, is honoured to host this event, with works for sale from the opening at 4pm on Saturday 7 September until Saturday 21 September.

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