Our Artists

We feel extremely lucky to be entrusted with the work of so many fantastic New Zealand artists, artisans, makers and creators. Following are some of those whose work is (or has been) available at Mitchell Studios.

Chris Dunn
Tania Hussey
Lazy Dreams
Rachel Radford
Sam Walker
Nari Alves
Shawna Chow
Denise Durkin
MZ Design
Andrea Robinson
Kirsty White
Marian Cogswell
Florence Rose
Lee Robinson
Carol Theologo
Sarah Jane Barnett
Mike Cogswell
Debbie Jeffery
Fiona Thompson
Christina Bollonack
Ruth Cooper
Maureen Kelly
Lizzie Pannell
Ronja Schipper
Brian Williams
Lindsay Blakeley
Nikki Corbishley
Saskia Hendrikse
Jo Kreyl
Clare Matthews
Michelle Bow
Daphne Dashfield
Tatyana Kulida
Russell Spencer
Tiny Pocket
Pip Woods
Jenny Caldwell
Phil Dickson
Charlotte Hird
Judith Maxim
Anna Stichbury
Veronica Young
Louisa Chase
Beth Honoré
Kylie Law
Philippa Potaka
Morag Stokes
Fran Zukowski