Fran Zukowski

“I am a local artist living in Aotea and love to work in oils and acrylics. As I work, I allow the painting to evolve and, as it forms, enhance and shape it until it is complete. Lately I have been inspired by the forest walks that I have done. I love to paint figures full of movement and colour, allowing my imagination to create moments in time.”

In the 2023 exhibition A Creative Friendship, Fran joined friends Jill Sutton and Lindsay Blakeley. “We all work individually, however, through sharing our work as it progresses, we support and encourage each other. We are all inspired by the landscapes near to our homes and feel a close connection to the nature that surrounds us. With this exhibition we have all returned to the subjects that we most love to paint and that reflect the connection between the three of us and our individual passions.”

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