Judith Maxim

I’ve always been creative. As a child I was constantly making things. And then when I went to secondary school the subject I did well at was art. The University of Otago ran a summer holiday art school in the town where my parents lived and I was able to attend for a couple of years; focusing on screen printing. I was fascinated at being amongst such a diverse group of people and being able to watch artists such as Don Binney and Els Nordhoff at work. In more recent years I have come back to painting and drawing. I spent a year studying part-time at The Learning Connextion and have carried on from there.
I have an attic at home where I can hide and paint. At the moment I’m working in water colour – which is wild and free and totally annoying at times. I am more of a conceptual artist and am fascinated with colour and pattern. Much of the inspiration for what I do comes from the natural world and what’s immediately around me. I do print making and collage, and I also make cards – each one a handcrafted original. I take such pleasure from my work when something works out; even better when someone else likes it too.

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