Lizzie Pannell

British born artist Lizzie Pannell has always painted landscapes. During the 2021 lockdown she became inspired by photographs of wild flowers her mother sent from her walks in the English countryside. Her 2022 exhibition Full Bloom represented a body of work that both celebrated the natural world around us as well as the blossoming of an emerging artist in the New Zealand art scene. Her intention for that show was to evoke feelings of joy, life and energy for the vibrancy of what surrounds us in nature, and then bringing it indoors. Many of the works were created during the hibernation of a country locked down, and were to be exhibited at a time of optimism and new opportunity.

Lizzie returned to the gallery in 2023 with a new show – Emergence. She says, Emergence is an amorphous idea. It is a variety of notions: rising up, coming into being, iterating, quietly evolving. Through an artistic lens, Lizzie reflects upon the concept of separate elements coming together to become something new. For example, a seed alone will amount to little, but united with water and soil something wholly unique emerges into the light. Likewise, an artist’s tools in isolation are nothing more than singular objects, but when combined at the hands of the artist, a natural and organic creation occurs. Just as nature is an assembler, creator, and transformer, so is the artist.

Emergence celebrated the coming together of precise elements at a precise time to form something perfectly unique. Petal by petal. The style of these pieces fuse still life study and abstract elegance. Just as every flower is unique, so are these works. Lizzie’s recent ‘dripping’ style conjures secondary emotion and sentiment ‘below the bouquet’. Flowers are given and shared as celebration, commemoration, and expression of love. And often that something deeper lies beneath. Lizzie names the works ambiguously to allow the owner and viewer to interpret the pieces in a way that speaks to them.

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