Sarah Platt

Sarah Platt is an established full time artist, painting and publishing since 2002. Self-taught, Sarah brought a naive freshness to her work, with a trademark clarity of colour. As the years have progressed, stunning landscapes have begun to appear as the backdrop to her trademark towns. Scenes she has painted of Wellington and Auckland, at first glance look like photos.

Sarah has now left the towns and cities behind, opting to concentrate purely on the landscapes that ‘make her heart sing’. Though her style has changed drastically over the years, her love for colour, clarity, and her dedication to detail, can still be seen in her work. As her landscape collection has begun to grow, a unique style has emerged in her oil paintings that set her apart from other landscape artists. The way Sarah captures light, give her paintings a luminous quality. Sarah loves travelling New Zealand, to drink in our breath-taking landscapes. She then returns home and spends weeks on end painting each piece. She describes the process as a sort of alchemy that still surprises her. These paintings are about beauty, and deep calling to deep. Each scene has a presence of its own. Though dyslexic, Sarah is a natural born writer, and accompanies many of her landscape pieces with poetry.

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