Acrylic Beetle by Anna Stichbury

$ 200.00


Acrylic Beetle by Anna Stichbury

Hand painted on glossy acrylic perspex with gold leaf accents, each beetle comes with a single gold nail for display.

Beetle #1 20cm tall
Beetle #2 20cm tall
Beetle #3 17cm tall

Anna’s vitality and her passionate approach to art and to life invigorate her work. She continues to adapt and experiment artistically with different materials, technique and style. Her recent Butterfly installations bring groups of 200 or more individual and intricately hand painted butterflies to life in dramatic flocks.
Born in 1974 Anna has held many solo exhibitions and her work is held in private and public collections internationally.


Acrylic Beetle #1, Acrylic Beetle #2, Acrylic Beetle #3


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