Bella’s Fringe by Nana’s Shed Books

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Bella’s Fringe written by Marie Munro, illustrated by Rachel Doragh

Published by Nana’s Shed Books, an imprint of Kelsey House Productions

Bella’s Fringe is a new Kiwi children’s picture book in the series from Nana’s Shed Books. Remember Jacob from “Nana’s Shed”? Bella is his sister.

Using the simple theme of a haircut, it tells the humorous story of young Bella, who is a creative and innovative rebel. She won’t have her hair cut because it has so many practical and comic uses – as a rug for her knees, a shade from the sun, a hammock for her brother or a swing for her cat. Her crowning glory is a problem for everyone, except her, until she becomes hopelessly tangled in it. Then she chooses to take drastic action.

• Colourful illustrations that add lots of fun to the text and provide context for ESOL learners
• Flowing, easy-to-read, rhyming text
• Humorous, child-centred storyline
• Child-initiated resolution
• Day-to-day New Zealand content
• Appeal for children who are innovative, imaginative, sporty, or who challenge traditional stereotypes
• Introduction to te reo Māori through search activities
• Clocks for learning to tell the time
• Counting to 20 in English and te reo, utilising sets (grouping) as a mathematical concept
• Te reo Māori/English glossary.

About the author
Marie Munro is a former primary school teacher who has been writing professionally for 30 years – as a journalist, desktop publisher, editor of community newspapers and, more recently, as a learning designer for the construction industry. Marie is passionate about getting children to engage with, and thoroughly enjoy, books. She is semi-retired and has decided to use her leisure time to turn the invisible “Magic Story Book” of her classroom years into visible storybooks for the enjoyment of children and the people who share books with them.

About the illustrator
Rachel Doragh, who is responsible for the te reo Māori content, vibrant illustrations and book design, is an artist with a love of words and pictures. She studied English Literature and Art History at Victoria University and has brought those interests together in graphic design. She is a mother, part-time school librarian, artist and graphic designer.


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