Corrugation 4 by Denise Durkin

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Corrugation 4 by Denise Durkin

Mono print & dry point etching on paper, shaped into corrugation.

Denise’s amazing Corrugation works are double-sided. Please contact us if you would like more detailed photographs of any piece.

Our Taonga, Our Native Bush
Three printmakers celebrating their love for our national treasure, our native bush. Nga taonga o te ngahere.
4 to 29 October 2022

Denise Durkin
It is alarming how fragile the protections on our land and forests are. Already precarious, they are one political change away from being breached in many areas for commercial gain, farming, production and insatiable urban spread.
I am a full-time artist and an art tutor at Inverlochy Art School where I have contributed to the life drawing community since 2001. My works in Our Taonga, Our Native Bush continue the use of the corrugated iron shape, referencing historic and current impacts of human habitation on the environment.


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