Daisyscape: The Valley of Daisies by Charlotte Suggate

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Daisyscape: The Valley of Daisies by Charlotte Suggate

Acrylic on panel
100cm x 100cm, presented in an Oak framed

This is an oversized artwork. Please contact us for shipping details.

“Daisyscape: The Valley of Daisies transports the viewer into a dreamlike realm where thousands of daisies blanket a serene landscape with light and shadow bouncing through the valley.

Living in the hilly suburb of Brooklyn, Wellington my view looks south east to the Ōrongorongo ranges. These ranges are the inspiration for these ‘daisy-scape’ pieces. I look toward the ranges and replace the houses I see with thousands of daisies.

Sharp detailed daisies in the foreground become less detailed and softer as they fall back toward the hills in the background. This creates a wonderful sense of depth and invites the viewer to explore the hidden corners of this floral world.

I hope this piece offers a restful retreat for the viewer in the midst of a bustling world.

I am an emerging artist based in Wellington, NZ. My fresh floral and botanical paintings converge where abstract and realistic floral designs meet. I paint mainly in acrylic on canvas using bright colours combined with soft pastels. You will often find gold foil tucked among the bold, energetic brush strokes and layers of texture.” Charlotte Suggate


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