Dragon Sculpture by Christine Winbush

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Glazed ceramic dragons from Christine Winbush Ceramics

Three available:
Pale Blue/Green Dragon with Egg – height 21cm
Iridescent Dragon with Egg – height 20cm
Dark Green Dragon with Blue Wings – height 17cm

“To see my work is to see me. I entered the art world when I became severely vision impaired. Clay allowed me to express my inner vision without the benefit of full sight. During the six years of low vision I could only make and fully experience three-dimensional art by feel. I therefore encouragepeople to feel and experience my work by touch. I had successful corrective surgery in one eye and I am immensely grateful to see again. My mission is to show my inner self with my whimsical and expressive work. If my art reflects an emotion in you, I have succeeded.” Christine Winbush


Dark Green Dragon with Blue Wings, Iridescent Dragon with Egg, Pale Blue/Green Dragon with Egg


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