MakeKit Kid’s Necklaces Kit

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Safe for little hands!

Wee crafty princesses will love this colourful necklaces project. This is a project young children can easily do on their own, though they may need your help for a minute when threading the needle. A perfect project for 5+ years, made in 20-30 minutes.

This MakeKit kit includes:

  • Embroidery thread (2x colours)
  • Hasbadashery needle with blunt tip for safety
  • 40 wooden beads 
  • Easy to follow instructions (including a special trick for threading a needle with ease).

Learn. Make. Enjoy. MakeKit DIY craft kits contain everything you need to make a useful and modern DIY project. All beautifully wrapped in a box. No experience necessary – finish in an hour or two!

Made in Auckland, these fantastic kits use New Zealand products where possible and are packaged in re-purposed boxes and packing material.


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