Nana’s Vege Garden – Te Māra Kai a Kui by Nana’s Shed Books

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Nana’s Vege Garden – Te Māra Kai a Kui written by Marie Munro, illustrated by Rachel Doragh & translated by Piripi Walker

Published by Nana’s Shed Books, an imprint of Kelsey House Productions

New Zealand has the world’s best summers and the magic of being a kid is still alive in kiwi backyards. This summer, Jacob, Max, Bella and Lucas help Nana grow an amazing summer garden, filling each and every day with lots of fun, te reo Māori learning and bunches of awesome memories.

Nana’s garden, it grows and it grows
from the tiny wee seeds she plants in neat rows.
Kei te tupu haere te māra a Kui, kei te tupu, kei te tupu
he kākano iti i ruia mai, he rārangi, he momo, he rārangi, he momo.

Rachel Doragh’s dynamic illustrations incorporate related Māori words and phrases and bring the story to life in an authentic kiwi vegetable garden.

Piripi Walker’s translation has kept the words simple and clear, so the rhythm is right, and each sentence flows when delivered aloud.

A child-centred storyline that introduces real-life, vegetable garden knowledge with a focus on teamwork and itsyummy rewards.

• Colourful illustrations that reflect the real environments in which many New Zealand children live, and that providecatalysts for conversations about gardening and healthy foods.
• Flowing and easy-to-read rhyming English text with Māori translation.
• Subtle te reo Māori find-it activities to foster engagement with the language.
• Māori/English glossary and useful words and phrases.
• Appeals to children who are willing to try everything.

About the author
Marie Munro is a former primary school teacher who has been writing professionally for 30 years – as a journalist, desktop publisher, editor of community newspapers and, more recently, as a learning designer for the construction industry. Marie is passionate about getting children to engage with, and thoroughly enjoy, books. She is semi-retired and has decided to use her leisure time to turn the invisible “Magic Story Book” of her classroom years into visible storybooks for the enjoyment of children and the people who share books with them.

About the illustrator
Rachel Doragh, who is responsible for the te reo Māori content, vibrant illustrations and book design, is an artist with a love of words and pictures. She studied English Literature and Art History at Victoria University and has brought those interests together in graphic design. She is a mother, part-time school librarian, artist and graphic designer.

About the Translator
Piripi Walker (Ngāti Raukawa) studied te reo Māori at Victoria University and has been Director of Language Studies at Te Wānanga o Raukawa. He is a translator for health and educational groups, and for Māori and non-Māori organisations. He has translated a range of children’s books, including Margaret Mahy’s He Raiona i roto i ngā Otaota – A Lion in the Meadow, Gay Hay’s Te Papangarua a Tiwaiwaka – Fantail’s Quilt, Gavin Bishop’s Koinei te Whare nā Haki i Hanga – This is the House that Jack Built, Ian Munro’s This Dog – Ko Tēnei Kurī, and Marie Munro’s Te Wharau o Kui – Nana’s Shed, Nana’s New Porch – Te Mahau Hou o Kui, Nana’s Veggie Garden – Te Māra Kai a Kui, Lucas’s Car – Te Waka o Lucas, and most recently This Dog – Ko Tēnei Kurī.


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