Oh the Places I’ve Been by Jo Kreyl

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Oh the Places I’ve Been and the Things I’ve Seen by Jo Kreyl

Oil on canvas

Small Works exhibition in partnership with Tate Design
From 9 December 2022

A graduate of Wellington Polytechnic’s Diploma of Visual Communication and Design, Jo Kreyl has worked in many aspects of illustration, design and fine art and is proficient in a wide variety of media including acrylics, oils, watercolour, resin and sculpture. In her paintings, Jo is drawn to find the beauty in the ordinary or time worn. She is fascinated in the history of the objects and what may have gone on behind the scenes. Jo likes to think about the lives of the people who may have lived with and used these items. In choosing to paint these everyday objects Jo is elevating them to items of importance and freezing them in time like in a Victorian glass dome. This theme of making objects appear more beautiful than they are (kalopsia) runs throughout her work. Jo invites the viewer into her paintings to form their own connections with these items and so continue their story.

Jo’s artwork is in many collections throughout New Zealand and Australia and some career highlights include winning the Visa Gold Art Award in 1991 and illustrating 5 sets of stamps for New Zealand Post.


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