Old Barn, Wairarapa by Graeme Calcott

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Old Barn, Wairarapa by Graeme Calcott

Oil on canvas
50cm x 100cm, unframed

South Coast Connection
4 to 26 August 2023

Graeme Calcott is an impressionist painter who has been painting regularly for the past ten years. He lives in windy Wellington in a house perched on the side of a hill with expansive views over the harbour entrance. Graeme’s paintings consequently reflect the influence of changing weather patterns – sun, cloud and sky contrast against the dynamics of the ever-changing sea, with either wave action or calm reflections setting the mood.

Graeme paints a variety of subjects including landscapes, seascapes, old buildings and boats. Most of Graeme’s paintings are in a bold style, using a vibrant colour palette, with a sense of light and dynamic. Graeme has exhibited with the Academy of Fine Arts and is a member of the Wellington Art Club.


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