Parade of Lights by The Penny Drops

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Parade of Lights by The Penny Drops / Mel McKenzie

Oil on canvas
32cm x 32cm, framed

Mel McKenzie / The Penny Drops

“Lustrous bokeh art, aiming to soften your view of the world & fill your cup with beauty and light. My award-winning oil paintings are blurry & beguiling, they’re often familiar & always enriching. Speaking of filling cups, my literal cuppa is a fragrant jasmine green tea, but my figurative ‘cup of tea’ is turning a dewy sunrise, a night-walk through the city or a stroll in the park into distinctive bokeh paintings. These paintings evoke a dream-like nostalgia and call for a softness of being. Fueled by tea – and a glass-half-full outlook – I’m driven to herald the beauty always around us, while banishing the humdrum details of life to a unobtrusive blur.

I’m a self-taught artist with an academic and professional interest in the places Geography and Public Health intersect. A natural progression to embrace the beautiful ways art can improve your space and your wellbeing.

These rich oil paintings remind you to cherish the gift each day brings, help you practice shinrin-yoku and moon bathing, while encouraging you to use art as a form of creative expression in your home.” Mel McKenzie

Curate: a Small Works Exhibition
December 2023

Mitchell Studios is once again delighted to be collaborating with our interior design partners at Tate Design to present our December group exhibition – Curate. This small works exhibition brings together a diverse group of New Zealand artists drawn from our existing gallery whanau and beyond. Each artist has been invited to submit a maximum of 3 artworks.


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