Phil Dickson’s Wellington

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Phil Dickson’s Wellington by Phil Dickson

Published by Grantham House Publishing
Hardback with jacket

By international standards Wellington is not a large city, yet it contains all that would be expected of an important national capital. The appeal of Wellington lies in its compactness. The topography and its harbour are assets to be treasured. Spared the outlook of endless urban or suburban views that are the norm of so many other large cities, Wellingtonians can enjoy the wonderful backdrop of their hills and harbour from most residences and commercial locations. Opportunities for the adventurer are never far away.

Phil Dickson, Wellingtonian, wanderer and artist, invites the reader on a voyage of self-discovery in and around the city and further afield in the nearby forest parks. His sketches and paintings, together with his historical knowledge, reflect his love of his home city.


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