Posy by Amanda Wilkinson

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Posy by Amanda Wilkinson

Acrylic on board, protected with archival varnish
32.8cm x 23.3cm

Amanda Wilkinson

After graduating as an Industrial Designer Amanda Wilkinson worked in NZ and the UK designing products for international companies, eventually returning to NZ to raise a family. Here she began painting and exploring adding an aspect of three dimensionality to her artwork, continuing her interest in form and detail.

“Recently I’m interested in exploring how we can have hazy memories of a space that we can’t really quite bring into focus, though the memory still feels clear… like how dreams don’t quite make sense, or you can remember a feeling in a dream but only some of the visual details. I’m enjoying the increased ambiguity that this brings to my paintings, an evolution of earlier work exploring illusions of sometimes impossible three dimensional forms.” Amanda Wilkinson

Curate: a Small Works Exhibition
December 2023

Mitchell Studios is once again delighted to be collaborating with our interior design partners at Tate Design to present our December group exhibition – Curate. This small works exhibition brings together a diverse group of New Zealand artists drawn from our existing gallery whanau and beyond. Each artist has been invited to submit a maximum of 3 artworks.


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