Sincerely Yours by Lizzie Pannell

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Sincerely Yours by Lizzie Pannell

Acrylic on canvas
70cm x 50cm, framed in matte white veneer

1 to 23 September 2023

EMERGENCE is an amorphous idea. It is a variety of notions: rising up, coming into being, iterating, quietly evolving. Through an artistic lens, Lizzie Pannell reflects upon the concept of separate elements coming together to become something new. For example, a seed alone will amount to little, but united with water and soil something wholly unique emerges into the light. Likewise, an artist’s tools in isolation are nothing more than singular objects, but when combined at the hands of the artist, a natural and organic creation occurs. Just as nature is an assembler, creator, and transformer, so is the artist…

“I am a British born full time artist. Prior to my art career I spent fifteen years working in the media industry. I have a Foundation Degree in Art & Design and Art History, and a First Class BA Honors Degree in Media and Cultural Studies from University of the Arts, London.
I have spent much of my life painting seascapes and abstract works, and for the past two years have worked on a series of floral paintings.
I describe my floral style as ‘impressionist still life’; taking on a liberal use of fluid strokes and boundless palette, all the while maintaining a detailed study of the subject.”
Lizzie Pannell


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