Stitchbird ‘Hihi’ by Shawna Chow

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Stitchbird ‘Hihi’ by Shawna Chow

Acrylic on canvas
20cm x 20cm

Shawna Chow

Shawna has always had a playful view of our world. This is reflected in her confident use of colour and bold brush strokes, evoking movement. She likes to exaggerate this movement and the character of each form, to create a feeling of carefree carelessness. Details come across within a layered structure of values and hues of irrepressible colours.

Shawna’s style uses simple primitive shapes and forms which morph into images that are full of humor and delight. Her subjects leap off the canvas with attitude and a joy of life. Shawna’s approach towards her work is almost child-like in its optimism and view of nature and human relationships. She has observed that her paintings make people feel happy, which in turn makes her happy.

A creative director in the interior architectural design industry for over 25 years, Shawna’s New York based design firm designed for P Diddy, Sony, Colombia Records, Jennifer Lopez, Benny Medina and then Malaysian Ambassador & Embassy. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Architectural Design from California University Long Beach.

Curate: a Small Works Exhibition
December 2023

Mitchell Studios is once again delighted to be collaborating with our interior design partners at Tate Design to present our December group exhibition – Curate. This small works exhibition brings together a diverse group of New Zealand artists drawn from our existing gallery whanau and beyond. Each artist has been invited to submit a maximum of 3 artworks.


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