Symphony by Andrea Robinson

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Symphony by Andrea Robinson

Oil on board
60cm diameter, unframed

Floral Affair
9 February to 2 March 2024

Like a poem that whispers to our hearts, Floral Affair celebrates nature, beauty, love, and friendship. Andrea Robinson’s collection of boutique pieces is fresh, feminine, delicate, and delightfully playful. Each painting in this stunning exhibition is complemented by a poem, specifically written by the artist, who describes her poems as being intertwined with her paintings. She says that the words form during the painting process, weaving their way between her thoughts and the brush, adding a special touch to each piece.

Born in Wellington, Andrea has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember.  As a girl, she won several art prizes and at the age of 20, she travelled around North America, settling in Canada for six years. During this time, she completed a variety of fine art papers from the University of Calgary and drew from live models in the evenings. She then met an internationally recognised artist, Jia Lu, and took painting lessons from her.  A friendship blossomed, and Andrea was invited to work alongside Jia and attend her exhibitions.  When Andrea returned to New Zealand in 2000, she studied at Massey University, and completed a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design (Hon).

Andrea combines her realistic training with a stylized technique that delves into the realms of imagination.  She is captivated by the beauty in nature, and often places her favourite flowers together to make a harmonious melody of colour. These luscious creations are full of exuberance with some paintings forming a floral tapestry, while other paintings show individual blooms dancing in the air to symbolize the spreading of hope and happiness to everything they touch. Andrea says that the intent behind her floral paintings is to bring people joy.


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