Drawing Studies from The Makers Series by Nikki Corbishley

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Drawing Studies from The Makers Series by Nikki Corbishley

Original graphite drawings on paper presented in white frames and matt board, glazed.

Four studies currently available:
Study 1 – 39cm x 31cm (framed)
Study 2 – 39cm x 31cm (framed)
Study 3 – 32cm x 38cm (framed)
Study 6 – 39cm x 31cm (framed)

Why do I draw and paint objects? Because it forces me to look closely at something, slow down and pay attention to its detail. It helps me to find order in chaotic times. These are things that I recognise about living in the suburbs; it’s not as rushed and loud and busy as the city. I often think about the Pico lyer quote from his book ‘The Art of Stillness’ where he says “In an age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention. In an age of movement, nothing is more critical than stillness.” These drawings are part of my Makers series where I am interested in the objects as extensions of the potter’s hand and the introspective and extrospective process of making.
Nikki Corbishley


Drawing Study 1 (The Makers Series), Drawing Study 2 (The Makers Series), Drawing Study 3 (The Makers Series), Drawing Study 4 (The Makers Series), Drawing Study 5 (The Makers Series), Drawing Study 6 (The Makers Series)


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