The Night Sky Scented Candle

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The Night Sky Scented Candle by The Candle Shop


The Night Sky candle is the result of a collaboration between The Candle Shop’s Susan Murphy and Francesco van Eerd Parfumeur of the Victorian perfumery, Fragrifert Parfeur.

“I met Francesco at his perfumery in Wellington, NZ and I was so impressed with his vast experience and knowledge of the science behind fragrances and instantly thought about a collaboration for a limited edition candle. A combination of the high quality soy wax candles from The Candle Shop combined with the unquestionable  talent and expertise of Francesco at Fragrifert Parfumery. We wanted to create a bespoke candle inspired by Matariki that reflected the aroma of the night sky…and we believe we have succeeded!!” Susan Murphy

This premium ‘Night Sky’ candle features a deliciously fresh accord of effervescent orchid, ozone and a touch of peppermint, a combination that brings to mind the ethereal stillness and majesty of the wide open night sky as one would experience it on a clear and frosty winter’s night. To make sure the complete fragrance keeps both of its feet solidly on the ground however, the gorgeous earthy depth of oakmoss has been added, fortified with patchouli and a hint of sweet basil.

These candles are handmade from 100% soy wax in Wellington, New Zealand with cotton wicks. They have a burn time of approximately 70 hours. Your candle comes in it’s own gift box.


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