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This Dog – Ko Tēnei Kurī written by Ian Munro, illustrated by Rebecca Utting & translated by Piripi Walker

Published by Nana’s Shed Books, an imprint of Kelsey House Productions

This Dog – Ko Tēnei Kurī knows what it takes to be a best friend and he’s chosen, as his best friend, the clever and opportunistic blackbird that lives in his yard. This Dog (Ko Tēnei Kurī) is Blackbird’s (Manu Pango) unconditionally loving, genuine, accepting, trustworthy, dependable, faithful, and steadfast friend; his loyal protector from That Cat (Tērā Ngeru) and a one-dog audience patiently listening to endless performances of Blackbird’s song.

Rebecca Utting’s fun illustrations bring Ian Munro’s story to life in an authentic kiwi backyard, complete with resident kurī, ngeru, manu panga and pēpepe.

Piripi Walker’s literal translation keeps the words simple and clear, so each sentence flows when delivered aloud.
This Dog that is my dog digs up worms for me.
Ko Tēnei Kurī, arā, taku kurī he kurī keri toke māku.

Bilingual text (English and Māori). In line with Ministry of Education requirements for “Beginning to use te reo Māori Levels 1-2” (simple, short dialogues, phrases and sentences, simple questions. Simple reo Māori words, phrases, and sentences with some complex or less familiar reo Māori phrases and sentences).

• Child-centred storyline about the relationship between a blackbird and the family dog.
• Flowing, easy-to-read English text with literal Māori translation.
• Colourful illustrations that are lots of fun and provide opportunities for conversations about parts of the face, pets and family members.
• Day-to-day New Zealand content.
• Te reo Māori ‘find-it’ activities to foster engagement with the language.
• Appeals to children who enjoy dogs, cats, birds, garden plants and animals, identifying parts of the face and engaging with te reo.

About the author
Ian Munro has spent his working life engaged in education at secondary and tertiary levels. He is a published author and has written a weekly column for the Otago Daily Times since 1999. His foray into writing for young children came about when he suggested to his wife, Marie, that there was a story about the bossy blackbird in their back garden just waiting to be written and she, in turn, challenged him to write it. This Dog – Ko Tēnei Kurī is the result.

About the illustrator
Rebecca Utting is a User Experience (UX) designer and digital illustrator who brings a life-long obsession with books, a background in animation, learning design, voice acting, web development, videography, and running carnival sideshows, to her energetic illustrations, and the design of her first children’s picture book, This Dog – Ko Tēnei Kurī.

About the Translator
Piripi Walker (Ngāti Raukawa) studied te reo Māori at Victoria University and has been Director of Language Studies at Te Wānanga o Raukawa. He is a translator for health and educational groups, and for Māori and non-Māori organisations. He has translated a range of children’s books, including Margaret Mahy’s He Raiona i roto i ngā Otaota – A Lion in the Meadow, Gay Hay’s Te Papangarua a Tiwaiwaka – Fantail’s Quilt, Gavin Bishop’s Koinei te Whare nā Haki i Hanga – This is the House that Jack Built, Ian Munro’s This Dog – Ko Tēnei Kurī, and Marie Munro’s Te Wharau o Kui – Nana’s Shed, Nana’s New Porch – Te Mahau Hou o Kui, Nana’s Veggie Garden – Te Māra Kai a Kui, Lucas’s Car – Te Waka o Lucas, and most recently This Dog – Ko Tēnei Kurī.


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