Tu Meke Tui (hardback)

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Tu Meke Tui! There’s More to Being a Bird Than Flying written by Malcolm Clarke, illustrated by Flox (aka Hayley King) and designed & published by Mary Egan Publishing.


Tere the Tui and Taitu the Takahe are two very different sorts of birds: one loves to flit and twirl about in the sky, while the other prefers to rustle around in the undergrowth. Tu Meke Tūī is a story of friendship, courage and discovering that sometimes it’s our differences that make us truly special. Tumeke is a New Zealand Māori word which means to startle or take fright. In recent years, tu meke (as two words) has developed as a colloquial phrase meaning ‘too much’ and is used to express excitement or being shaken up.


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