Ultimate Trust by Eric Desiles

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Ultimate Trust by Eric Desiles

Limited edition bronze sculpture
72cm x 25cm

From humble beginnings, brought up on a small farm in rural France, Eric had one overwhelming desire – to be a clown! He followed his heart and ran away to join the circus at the age of 12. Not only did he fulfill his dream by becoming a clown, he also became an accomplished acrobat after his extensive artistic training at the famous Annie Fratellini Circus School in Paris and the “Ecole Nationale Des Arts Superieurs du Cirque”.

Eric enjoyed the camaraderie of circus life, touring Europe extensively with the big top in his teenage years. Then he went on to perform as an acrobat in theatres and major European venues including the Monte Carlo Sporting Club and the London Palladium, where he took part in several Royal command performances. He also made numerous television appearances and created his own acrobatic troupe that was recognized as the best comedy group in Great Britain.

Ready for a new adventure, Eric developed a solo act and flew to New York. He then met his wife Wendy, also an acrobat and a dancer, and they combined their talents to create a unique visual speciality and adagio act. They formed a fantastic partnership, and went on to perform together all around the globe. Their travels led them to New Zealand where they decided to make their home.

As an acrobat himself, Eric has an intimate knowledge of the human body, form and movement. The magic of showbusiness however means that the movement lasts just a moment and then evaporates with the applause… Eric was inspired to find a way to capture such split seconds of motion and emotion in sculptures that will last for all eternity. Eric has always had a passion for art and sculpting, and it seemed natural for him to use his unique understanding to create timeless figures in bronze.


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