White Fronted Tern Coming in to Land by Bruce Jenkins

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White Fronted Tern Coming in to Land by Bruce Jenkins

Limited edition black & white photographic print
#2/25, framed with white matt & frame
Print size size 16″ x 10 3⁄4″

Feathers in Frame: Photography by Bruce Jenkins
6 September to 1 October

A professional photographer for more than three decades, Bruce’s personal passion is motorsport: capturing fast moving subjects (and the environment they inhabit) in a dynamic style that no one else can match. His mastery of this style of photography has sent him on assignments and won him awards the world over and he is now completing his 10th year as the official photographer to the Toyota Racing Series and the Toyota 86 Championship.

Enter 2020 and Covid 19 lockdowns, all of a sudden there were no events, a lot of specialised equipment sitting idle and a photographer quickly getting out of touch. In order to keep his reactions working at full capacity, Bruce turned to photographing wildlife and the rest, as they say, is history.


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