South Coast Connection brings together the work of two architectural designers sharing a love of Wellington’s ever-changing South Coast.

Graeme Calcott is an impressionist painter who has been painting regularly for the past ten years. He lives in windy Wellington in a house perched on the side of a hill with expansive views over the harbour entrance. Graeme’s paintings consequently reflect the influence of changing weather patterns – sun, cloud and sky contrast against the dynamics of the ever-changing sea, with either wave action or calm reflections setting the mood.
Graeme paints a variety of subjects including landscapes, seascapes, old buildings and boats. Most of Graeme’s paintings are in a bold style, using a vibrant colour palette, with a sense of light and dynamic. Graeme has exhibited with the Academy of Fine Arts and is a member of the Wellington Art Club.

Greg Melville is a ceramic artist based in Wellington. He constructs a range of slab built stoneware pots and objects, all with a clean and elegant aesthetic.
Greg’s studio is on the coast in Breaker Bay. He is a retired architectural designer, a member of Wellington Potters and Ceramics New Zealand. His potting first began in the mid 70s under Jenny Shearer but had taken a back seat to his architectural practice unit recently. A long involvement in architecture has influenced Greg’s construction methods and pot designs. His stoneware slab pots explore the use of common two dimensional forms to create three dimensional pots. The use of various fonts as three dimensional decoration is also an ongoing theme.

Selected Catalogue
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