Lee Robinson and Nikki Corbishley

19 March to 24 April 2021

Our first exhibition of 2021 is a celebration of the genre of still life and brings together the work of two extremely talented Wellington artists, Lee Robinson and Nikki Corbishley.

Lee Robinson

“These oil cans have been a joy to paint. I love the colours, quirky designs and the rust and dents that speak of many years of use. I’m sure that for many people they stir memories of exploring their father‘s or grandfather’s garage. The other aspect at play in these paintings is the role of lighting: natural light versus electric light and direct light versus diffused backlighting. Colours and shadows are altered dramatically evoking a strong contrast in mood. It has been both challenging and rewarding trying to capture the essence of each arrangement.”

Nikki Corbishley

Nikki Corbishley is a Wellington artist primarily known for her still life oil paintings. She employs the non-narrative traditions of formalism, focusing on her quest for compositional balance using objects gathered from her home and studio space. Her work encourages a closer look at an object’s materiality and form through repetition and rearrangement. Nikki’s paintings and prints showcase her growing collection of glassware and pottery which she acquires from local ceramicists. She is particularly interested in ‘seconds’ and pursues imperfect objects that are broken or cracked with the intention of giving these objects new life in paint; a nod to our collective pursuit for material sustainability.

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