Wellington Shines

Inspired Jewellers Create Wellington's Magic

29 November to 21 December 2019

Delightful Wellington – it has a charm all of its own. After a breeze or two from a stiff northerly, the weather turns, Wellington Shines and “Wellington on a Good Day” arrives – we all celebrate and are inspired by this wonderful city. This talented group of eight Jewellers have designed and hand made their own pieces to reflect just how Wellington Shines and we are delighted to host their beautiful work.

PLUS! Showing you how they do it from design to completion, the Jewellers will be in the gallery Saturday 30 November and 7, 14 & 21 December. It’s an engaging process and we invite you to see them at work.

Following the success of their exhibition, a number of the Wellington Shines jewellers have joined the gallery and we feel honoured to continue to have their work on display and available at Mitchell Studios.

Shona Drake
I have always loved doing things by hand and got immediately hooked on jewellery making. My passion is to get bits of old jewellery and use them to make something gorgeous.

Celia Murphy
Wellington Harbour Shines. From our house we can see the harbour’s constantly changing colours and textures. Our volatile weather turns it from a shining brilliant blue, to grey, to wild white capped waves. Night transforms it to silver or black, or streaks it with reflected city lights. People walk, swim, sunbathe and fish along its rocky and sandy shores and ships, ferries and sailboats constantly crisscross it. It is beautiful.

Hana Makin
My pieces are inspired by the flora and fauna that can be found in Wellington, from the wilds of the coast to the jungles of the bush. I feel at peace spending time in the company of nature, it’s amazing that we live in a vibrant capital city and yet we are surrounded all the time by so much taiao. I love using mixed materials in my pieces and am excited to be a part of this exhibition in the beautiful Mitchell Studios.

Jill Alexander
My wish is to capture Wellington and tell its quirky stories. My jewellery reflects this passion and I love to create my own unique designs and then make them using sterling silver and copper and lots of fabulous tools in the workshop. A final polish and then they’re ready to fly off into the world to a happy new owner.

Sue Shore
I first came to Wellington in 1988 from the UK and fell in love with it. Ten years later I was living here in the best city in the world. The colours are stunning – the blue of the sea, the green of the hills, the yellow Kowhai letting me know it is Spring and the red Pohutakawa to tell me it is Summer. How better to share my joy than by designing and individually hand making jewellery. Wellington Shines for me!

Janice Williams
I thoroughly enjoy making jewellery and the creative outlet it provides. Learning new things and having amazing people around me who inspire and push each other is very energising for me. I make either because I want to wear something or to experiment, but I hope you like them too.

Philothea Flynn
I design and create handcrafted jewellery, made with high quality metals and carefully sought out unique precious and semiprecious stones. Each individually crafted piece is inspired by my curiosity in using different metallurgic and creative techniques. I enjoy producing exclusive commissioned works.

Dee Stewart
This Wellington Shines exhibition brings out my memories of younger me. The fun and exciting night life of anything goes, Spandex and sparkly, diamonds with denim. Dee works in partnership with jeweller Dawn Pearson as PipRoy Jewellery and we are excited to now have the work of both women in the gallery.